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Iceni Marine Services have over ten years experience in providing personnel transfer, hydrographic survey, equipment transfer, generator refuelling, dive operations, sub-sea equipment launch and VIP transfer.

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ICNEI Marine Services
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Personnel Transfer

Support during wind farm construction including crew transfers to jack up vessels, cable laying vessels & hotel ships. Construction teams on civil projects including Great Yarmouth outer harbour, sewage outfall projects for Yorkshire water & Environment Agency water surveys.

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Hydrographic Survey

Iceni Marine Services have vessels with moonpools for survey equipment deployment. Numerous surveys approaches carried out including swathe, side scan and magnetometer.

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Equipment Transfer

Iceni can transport up to 15 tonnes of equipment including emergency parts, provisions and component deliveries to ships and installations around the UK, including salvage support. ISO container points allow the lifts to be carried out using containers for a single lift transfer.

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Generator Refuelling

With group companies Turner Wind Services and PE Generators a turnkey solution to temporary power supply can be achieved. Iceni Marine Services supply the vessels with refuelling capabilities, PE Generators supply the units whilst Turner Wind Services arrange the technicians.

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Dive Operations

Experience with dive teams on numerous projects on both wind farm and civil contracts. Iceni provided dive support for cable surveys in the River Humber plus personnel transfer for dive teams working for Van Oord and Yorkshire Water.

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Sub-Sea Equipment Launch

Iceni Marine Services have considerable experience of launching sub-sea equipment required in wind farm construction, including ROVs.

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VIP Transfer

Iceni Marine Services have considerable experience of taking guests out to sites of interest including wind farms, seal trips, chase boats, viewing platforms for events and regattas. We can also work as platforms for television filming.