Iceni Spirit responds to mayday

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Iceni Spirit responds to mayday

Iceni Spirit was in the news yesterday, responding to a mayday from the Nor Da Vinci, an 8961 tonne offshore dive support vessel. Positioned five nautical miles east of the Tyne piers, the vessel was experiencing an engine room fire.

Iceni Spirit’s skipper: “We received a mayday at 13:15 on VHF16 from Humber Coastguard stating the Nor Du Vinci was on fire. We spoke to our client and MCC Blyth and made good speed at 19.5 knots to her position”. 

Iceni Spirit was asked to stand by until the Nor Du Vinci was at anchor and the fire was under control. Tynemouth's RNLI lifeboat arrived at the scene just 8 minutes after launching, releasing Iceni Spirit at 14:25  and returned to Blyth wind farm at 14:55.

The Coastguard thanked Iceni Spirit for her response while the RNLI lifeboat continued to stand by as a precaution in case the situation worsened. 

After an hour, Nor Du Vinci confirmed that the fire was out but that it was going to anchor and shut down all systems to make a full investigation. At 4.10pm, the Nor Da Vinci reported to UK Coastguard that the problem that caused the fire had been located and all was safe.

Read the full media report HERE.

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