• Iceni Conquest | 21m Crew Transfer Vessel | Vessel Specification

ICENI Conquest


  • Iceni Conquest is an Alicat Workboats 21m crew transfer vessel
  • Fitted with twin Rolls Royce FF550 water jets
  • Powered by twin MAN 12v 1400 hp engines
  • Sprint speeds of 29 knots and a continuous operational speed in excess of 26 knots at 85% engine load
  • Outfitted to a very high standard - perfect for crew transfer
Vessel Specification


2x MAN 12v 1400 1400 hp


2x Rolls Royce FF550


1 x 17.5 kw and 1 x 7kw


2x ZF3050

Deck crane fitted

Deck crane

Palfinger PK4501M 900kg. 5.1m reach


41 tonnes

Total fuel capactiy

8,500 lts


Fuel transfer fitted

Fuel transfer system


Red Diesel


2 - 3



Available seats (PAX)

12 airsprung seats

Pressure washer fitted

Pressure washer specification

Sprint speed

29 knots

Service speed

26 knots

Fuel @ sprint

550 Lts per hr@ 100%

Fuel @ service

520 Lts per hr@ 85%

Fresh water capacity

1,000 Lts

Bollard Pull


Bow deck cargo

Aft deck cargo

Bow deck dimensions

Aft deck dimensions

Bow fendering

Hydraulic system fitted

Electronics fitted

MAIN RADAR: Furuno 2117BB-6.5-24v Radar System
6.5ft 12Kw Open Array
MU190 Approved monitor
SECOND RADAR: Furuno 2117BB-4-24v Radar System
4ft 12Kw Open Array
MU190 Approved monitor
ECDIS Furuno ECDIS FEA2107 c/w MU190 Approved monitor
SECOND CHART: Furuno MFD-BB Navnet 3D Chart/Sounder/CCTV System
Furuno DFF1 Network Sounder
CCTV Multiplexer
12 x CCTV Cameras
1 x forward deck
1 x port deck
1 x stbd deck
1 x aft deck
1 x saloon
1 x port engine room
1 x stbd engine room
1 x port jet space
1 x stbd jet space
1 x Flir thermal imaging / low light camera c/w pan and tilt
NAVTEX: Furuno NX700B Navtex
GPS: Furuno GP150 GPS
ANEMOMETER: Furuno RD33 c/w Maretron Wind Speed
SPEED LOG: Walker 7070 Electromagnetic Speed Log
AUTOPILOT: Navitron NT888G approved auto-pilot
DSC VHF: 2 x Sailor RT6222 Class A DSC VHF
4 x 1.2m Comrod Antennae
MF/HF A2: Sailor RT5000 MF/HF SSB Radio Telephone
8m Comrod Transmit Antenna
6m Comrod Receive Antenna
AIS: Furuno FA150 Class A AIS Transceiver
GPS Antenna
1.2m Comrod Antenna
HEADING: Furuno SC50 Satellite Compass
CELL PHONE: Nokia Phone (client to supply SIM card)
TH Bury Hands Free Kit c/w Antenna Coupler
1.2m Comrod Antenna
BROADBAND: Globesurfer III c/w Wireless Router
Requires client SIM Data Card and Access Point Code
SATCOM: KVH Tracphone V3 with Mini VSAT Broadband Service
Tracphone V3 Antenna Unit
Tracphone V3 Control Unit & Modem
1 x Telephone Handsets
Iceni Marine Services Ltd.
1 x Data Access Point to Aft Wheelhouse
GMDSS Equipment: 2 x Jotron SART20 TRON Sart
1 x Jotron TRON 40GPS/FB5 EPIRB
3 x Jotron TRON VHF Hand Held VHF Radios
RESCUE: Seamarshall SAR Finder
121.5Mhz for EPIRB/SART/PLB homing
Complete with antenna and display, 3 x PLB’s & Test Unit
FWD deck Talk back
Port Side Rescue Zone Area Talkback
Stbd Side Rescue Zone Area Talkback
Passenger Saloon Talkback
Passenger Area Speakers Duplicated
Line Amplifiers in both Passenger Loops
RADIO CHARGING: Victron 30A GMDSS Monitoring & Alarm Panel
Split Charger, 10A to Charge Reserve Battery
GMDSS battery bank
PIES: 1 x Marine DVD player/FM radio system
2 x Marine speakers (pairs)
1 x Comrod AV51 FM antenna
2 x 22’’ FWD TVs
1 x 26’’ TV/DVD at Galley
2 x 19’’ TVDVD in Crew Accommodation

Transfer access system fitted

Lifesaving equipment fitted

4 x Cosalt Surviva A 8 Man Liferafts

2 x Thermal Protective Aids

4 x Hammar Hydrostatic Release
4 x Spencer Rigging Liferaft Lashing Strap

4 x 4kg 30” Perrybuoy c/w Reflective Tape

2 x L90 Lifebuoy Lights

1 x KIM Lifebuoy Drouge & Pocket

2 x 18 Metres Orange Floating Line 8mm c/w Canvas Storage Bags
17 x Premier L/J 2010 Adult + Dan c/w Light Lifevests

15 x Cosalt Immersion Suits

2 x KIM Cruising Adult Harness c/w Attached Line
12 x Red Parachute Rocket
6 x Red Hand Held Flare
2 x Lifesmoke Mk8

1 x OS Yellow Poly Bottle 2 Ltr

1 x VHF GMDSS Safety Message Card

2 x SOLAS No. 2 Card

1 x Code of Practice Training Manual

1 x SOLAS Training Manual

2 x 3 Gallon Red Fire Bucket

1 x Fire Blanket Slim Pack MSA

3 x Anchor Ball
1 x Triangle

1 x Prism (barrel)

1 x Echomax EM230 Radar Reflector White

1 x KIM Galley strop

1 x Code of Practice F/A Kit (Boxed) 1998
1 x Jason’s Cradle Scamble Net

1 x Portable Search Light

1 x Ships Bell (Approved for purpose)

2 x 5 Kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher

2 x 6kg Powder Extinguisher

2 x 6kg foam Extinguisher

1 x Signal Torch

Emergency Signage (shall as a minimum include, could be more depending on

2 x Life Buoy with Light

2 x Life Buoy with Line
15 x Lifejacket

3 x Immersion suits (quantity depend on number of storage locations)
3 x Survival craft Radio

2 x Epirb

2 x Radar Transponder (SART)

1 x Pyrothecnics

1 x Muster Station

1 x Stretcher

1 x First Aid

18 x Emergency Escape (Arrow and Sign)
6 x Fire Extinguisher Signs (2 Co2, 2 Powder, 2 Foam)



Owner declared transfer